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"I am not one that likes doctor's let alone chiropractors. I was referred here due to chronic numbing in my legs which made it impossible to walk. I have or had been in a wheelchair for over 2 years! Thanks to the expertise of the doctor I am now walking and standing for up to 30 minutes! They literally changed my life.

Thank you so much guys for all your help and much needed patience working with me. If you want the best use the best. And the best in the world is right here. Look no further.

Thanks again and see you guys next week!"

William H. McAttee Jr.

"Dr. Horvath is a fantastic doctor. Skilled, professional and personable. He will get you feeling better in quick order and if he's not the right fit for your care, he will make sure to get you where you need to be. Can't recommend him enough! Do yourself a favor and get in to see him today."

Tavis Johansson

"So happy to have found Dr. Jon! Professional and extremely effective, he has helped both my wife and I deal with immediate issues and preventative treatment, and always gives us stretches and exercises we can do outside of appointments to improve and maintain our health."

Stephen Federico

"My son was a patient if Dr Horvarth and referred me to him saying he was excellent. I have been seeing him for 2 yrs and could not agree more. John Horvarth is an excellent chiropractor and compassionate and caring man. I especially like the fact that he includes body work w/his adjustments."

Rose Anne Meyer

"Jon’s great! I’ve been feeling a thousand times better since I started going to see him."

Paul Leavitt

"So pleased that Dr Jon's new Napa based office is only 20-25 minutes from Sonoma.  Well worth the trip.  More important, Dr Jon's science based practice worked wonders for me on more than one occasion."

Barry Ansell

"Dr. Jon Horvath is very professional and caring. He is very thorough in his treatment process. I am left satisfied every time I come into his clinic. I highly recommend Dr. Horvath if you're suffering from any pain. He cares and that all that matters."

Kevin Nguyen

"Dr. Horvath has been an excellent   practitioner for me and my husband.  He has worked wonders on my neck, and helps keep the annoying, painful arthritis in my back from ruling my life. I also really appreciate that during every visit, he makes a point to ask about current ailments and comfort zone. Dr. Horvath is definitely not “your average” chiropractor."

Joyce Lerner

"Dr. Jon is a very caring and helpful chiropractor, he will certainly help get your health back on track!"

Dr. Kyle Bryant DC

"One the best adjusters I have ever known!"

Justin Knight

"Much better than your typical chiropractic, as Dr. Jon understands well the relationship of soft tissue spasms to misalignment and addresses both, much as the Chicago-based Naprapathy School."

Michael Miley

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