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Dr. Horvath

Dr. Jon Horvath

Your goals are my goals

I strive to give you, the patient:

1. The courtesy of listening to everything you have to say about your condition

2. Attainable treatment goals in realistic time frames

3. Reasonable fees (no unnecessary x-rays or long term treatment plans)

If I feel another practitioner will serve you better, we will let you know exactly who that is.

It’s that simple.



Dr. Jon Horvath was born and raised in rural Michigan.  As a child, he enjoyed being outside climbing trees, riding motocross, racing BMX, riding horses, and snow skiing.  All of these activities made him no stranger to injury but it wasn’t until after he moved to California in the early 1990’s when he “found” Chiropractic.  After a falling asleep in an awkward position on a plane ride back to Michigan to visit family, he felt like he was stuck in a bent, twisted position.  After a lot of convincing by his mother, he agreed to go see her chiropractor.

After that treatment I remember thinking my toes had not been pointed straight forward for years and I hadn’t notice until just then.  I was red in the face, giddy, and couldn’t believe amazing I felt.”  

And the rest is history as they say.  After living in San Francisco for 13 years, he moved to Portland, OR to attend chiropractic school at the University of Western States, where he earned both his Doctorate of Chiropractic and a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Biology.  He also developed a particular interest in adjusting not just the spine but extremities as well, which led him to extracurricular training on the subject with the Motion Palpation Institute (extremities adjusting) and ADAPT (ankle trauma recovery).

After spending 3 winters in Portland and seeing very little sun, he and his wife decided that they needed to get back to sunny California.  Dr. Horvath currently resides in Napa where, when not helping others, he enjoys spending time with his two favorite people (wife and daughter), mountain biking, and skiing.

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